About Us

Havilah Commercial Projects is a 100% black male, a youth-owned company established in 2015, out of a dire need to create sustainable employment and participate in the country’s economic mainstream. One of Havilah’s focuses is to empower the previously disadvantaged individuals by giving them opportunities to acquire experience so they can ultimately reach their full potential. We are a Civil Engineering, Construction and Commercial Logistics company, specializing primarily on Local and Commercial Logistics, Suppliers of Sand and any Quarry sourced material, building upgrades, refurbishment of office parks, commercial buildings, and governmental structures such as Roads, Storm waters, V Drains, Retaining Walls, etc, both for private and public sector within the borders of South Africa. Havilah is best known for QUALITY, COMPETITIVE PRICING and JUST IN TIME DELIVERY.

What we do

“Safely, the only way to work!” That is the motto by which we live. We are committed to safety above all else, and this commitment is central to everything we do. Our proactive approach creates value for our clients and safeguards our most important asset.

Our Clients